Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tres Espadas vs SCA heavy fighter

I was excited to see a long time friend show up to our meeting Saturday and wanted him to experience our club first hand. He has had many years experience fighting in the SCA and wanted to know how he would do against a fighter who used footwork and fought nonstop for 2 minutes. Something hardly heard of in SCA one on one tournies. Both fighters did very well and my friend is excited to do more club meetings.

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  1. I thought the SCA guy (with two swords in this video) was going to be destroyed, because the only full contact experience he cited was SCA heavy fighter practice, so I figured he was going to be flat-footed and not prepared for a continuous confrontation. However talking to him after words it sounds like his main experience is in boffer wars, so he had a good feel for moving around and getting his weapon to the part of his opponent he was aiming at.


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