Saturday, January 15, 2011

Naginata Knockout

I really liked this fight because it shows almost every aspect in a fight except for going to the ground. This also illustrates that we allow using your opponent's weapon against him as well as disarming him. Plus polearms have an incredible amount of leverage to them as it didn't take much to take one of our club members out of the game. This is the first knockout with a weapon in the club.


  1. Here's my thoughts on this fight:
    1) Phillip has come a long way and is at my level or higher when it comes to this kind of weapon fighting.
    2) I needed this pole arm to test out the circular "disarm" movement from Tai Chi staff technique. The movements did end up being good for landing shots to the arms.
    3) There was a slightly less sturdy pole arm that was safer for hitting with the off end with. I would have done better with it because part of why I abandoned my long weapon in this match was I was worried about hitting with that blunt end.
    4) me then getting KOed by that blunt end is only one of many hilarious ironies about this confrontation.
    *I was supposed to spar twice and while we were gearing up I was joking about how I would have to chicken out of the second sparring match, and obviously I had to opt out.
    *Another irony is I was also joking around about only using thrusts to the body, and here I got KOed by one.
    *Yet another irony is I have been talking about the virtues of rubber bullets because I might actually use them, and here my strategy was destroyed from me choosing a weapon I wasn't willing to fully utilize.

  2. The next week I employed the strategy of using a more double ended polearm that I didn't have to retire as quickly at close range:


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