Friday, February 25, 2011

Indoor Facilities

I just recently joined the YMCA here in Bremerton to help condition myself further and discovered that we have permission to use the upstairs aerobics room for club meetings when other classes are not in session. This means that Saturdays after 2pm is wide open for us and I'm sure that a lot of people are interested in getting weapons training and trying something new.
We will primarily be using the YMCA for bad weather but favoring the park at Evergreen because of the softer ground and the option to do advanced sparring. Most of the staff at the Y will not understand seeing people getting punched and kicked while fighting with a foam weapon as a good thing. So while at the Y we have to stick with basic sparring only.
There will be a small fee charged to Non members at the YMCA. It is $15 for the day if you sign in by yourself and $10 if you sign in with me. Members are not charged but it will cost roughly $50 per month which is what I pay.
Be aware that even though we have a large space available there are other equiptment in the room including a heavy bag and speed bag. Since we do not have a set classroom schedule other people are free to use this room and we must respect the fact that we must share it with members.
Since we are obligated to cater to the youth we will allow teens to participate but I insist that the parents MUST sign the waivers and if possible attend the meetings.
Nothing is set in stone just yet but we have a great potential of having this as a permanent site if we can keep everything safe and convince the staff of the YMCA of the benefits of the club and that no one will get hurt doing it.
I will keep everyone posted on our facebook page but it's a good reference that if the weather is bad we will be at the Y. People who pay can also use all the other facilities including a pool, hot tub, and sauna.

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