Moral Code

We do not consider teaching morality to be an important part of what Tres Espadas does. However there is a morality to what we do. Some religions call this morality "repentance," the "virtue of humility," or "being present" and some organizational psychologists call it a form of "reflective practice." We:
  1. keep a record of what we did
  2. examine what we did
  3. decide what to do differently next time
  4. act on that decision
  5. repeat the loop infinitely by keeping a record of acting on our decision.

This is best explained by the OODA loop model:
  1. Observe: look at the situation you are in
  2. Orient: think about what is going on
  3. Decide: decide what to do
  4. Act: do it
  5. repeat by observing the outcome of what you did.

Inside of the sparring round this means the member is thinking on his feet and being adaptable. He's paying attention to what is going on, thinking about the strategic implications, deciding on what to do, following through on his decision, and finally repeating the loop starting with paying attention to the outcomes of his action.

Between meetings the member is critically examining his performance and improving his strategy and training. He watches videos of his sparring, thinks about what is really going on in the videos, decides on how he is going to improve, acts on that decision by training accordingly and sparring differently, and finally repeats this loop by watching video of his new improved sparring performance.

As a club we are reflecting on what we do and are constantly improving it. We keep notes on what is going on with the club, think critically about what we are doing, make decisions on how to improve on what we are doing, act on those decisions, and finally repeat this loop by keeping notes on those actions.

The life lesson the club members may take away from Tres Espadas is that outside of the club in life they will take notes on what is going on in their life, think deeply about what is going on in their life, decide how to improve their life, act on those decisions, and finally to repeat the loop by keeping notes on the outcomes of those decisions. Hopefully this will also help them "pay careful attention to what they are doing as they do it" in all their day to day activities.

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