Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Basic strikes reference

This is for our club members who need a quick reference on the basic striking and blocking techniques so that they can practice it every day. Sorry all the Calvin Clein models were not available to do this presentation so you got me.

Paladin's charge

I always wanted to see a charging shield effectively used and I saw it this time to recover a lost weapon.

Fighting Innovations

Part of what makes these fights so cool is that nothing is choreographed. Everything is real and in real time relying alone on the skills of the individual.

Shield bashing

It is amazing of how effective a properly employed shield will be. Spartans revere their shield as their most effective weapon.

Knife and Gauntlets 2

Here are two brothers trying the punching option with a knife.

Knife and Gauntlets

This is our first time using the mma gloves with new members. Mostly I did this because I knew the background of these fighters.

Father vs son 2

Here is the other son fighting his stepdad.

Father vs son

Our friend from the high school days decided to join us after his sons joined and this is his first fight. This is a real testament to the toughness of the calimacil weapons.

Paired weapons vs single weapon

Here our friend Greg is trying out a mace/dagger combo and proves why it is better to have that secondary weapon. As someone once said " I believe in the chi in my stick better than the chi in my hand."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fighting the Bear

One of our club guests brought a friend who wanted to fight so I paired the two up. Immediately it started unexpectedly and was one of the most entertaining fights of the day. The big guy has had extensive martial arts experience in Juijitsu.

Eskrimador vs wrestler

I wanted to see how the eskrimador would fare against a wrestler but the amount of contact proved rather disappointing as well as how many openings were not taken such as the face.

Eskrimador vs Bat

Here one of our club members fighting a club guest that represents a local eskrima school. We are hoping that the full contact fights will influence others to do the same.

Marriage Counseling

This is the second video of our female fighter this time against her husband.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Jessica is our first female fighter in the club and is married to one of our members. We are gradually bringing her up to going full contact and she is showing alot of improvement in short time.
We are hoping that more women will join from her example.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Members test run

Here we have two brothers that wanted to try out the club for the first time but we didn't have
any of the normal safety gear with us so we had them try their skills while avoiding face or groin shots. Both did exceptionally well for their first time and will be valuable additions to Tres Espadas.