Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tres Espadas vs SCA heavy fighter

I was excited to see a long time friend show up to our meeting Saturday and wanted him to experience our club first hand. He has had many years experience fighting in the SCA and wanted to know how he would do against a fighter who used footwork and fought nonstop for 2 minutes. Something hardly heard of in SCA one on one tournies. Both fighters did very well and my friend is excited to do more club meetings.

Rule #1 Cardio

I'm mostly poking fun at myself here but we all have setbacks that we have to deal with. You either fight through your imperfections and do what you love or you pack up and go home.

Polearm rematch

One of our members changed his tactics and a weapon with a softer butt end in case he lost his weapon again. He finally made it through the 2 minute bout and did a good job to boot. Learning through your mistakes and fights is what this club is about. We only lose when we quit.

Multiple attackers scenario

We had this great idea to do a 2 vs 1 scenario but some were reluctant to do this because of the lack of helmets we had. So I instructed the defender to only attack me while he focused on two attackers at once using his footwork. He did an awesome job and this was the first 2 on 1 fight we did in the club.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Naginata Knockout

I really liked this fight because it shows almost every aspect in a fight except for going to the ground. This also illustrates that we allow using your opponent's weapon against him as well as disarming him. Plus polearms have an incredible amount of leverage to them as it didn't take much to take one of our club members out of the game. This is the first knockout with a weapon in the club.

Dealing with disarms

There are many times during combat where for whatever reason the weapon you are holding comes flying out of your hands. We like to force the other fighter to deal with creative ways of holding off an attack and retrieving the weapon instead of relying on mercy-which does not happen in a real life scenario. Fighting on wet ground as you see here also challenges fighters to focus on their footwork.