Friday, January 11, 2013

Seattle Modern Arnis

When we were dealing with the internet troll a while back (an argument that ended up getting resolved on Bullshido,) I suggested that he "go train with Seattle Modern Arnis" so he could "learn some real Filipino Martial Arts." Last week I discovered that the lead instructor of Seattle Modern Arnis trained directly under Dave Bird (someone who I and others involved in Tres Espadas trained under at Tae Sho in Bremerton in the late 80's.) I did not know about the overlapping backgrounds or I would have been transparent about that at the time.

If I was serious about getting into FMA the very first place I would go to would be Seattle Modern Arnis. The reason why is because they take their sparring seriously:

In case you don't already know, Dave Bird was an activist promoting full contact martial arts long before the UFC made it popular. Here's an example of Dave Bird's level of expertise in FMA:

And just to be clear though we love FMA at Tres Espadas, we are much more casual and broader in scope with what we do. Here's an example:

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