Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tres Espadas Meeting May 2012

We will be meeting again at Evergreen park Saturday May 12 2012 at 12:00 noon going until 2:00 pm or so. Also we are closing in on completing the knife badge for those who have been working on it and will be moving on to baton badges next. For those that are wondering why the badges are so important, you cannot use any weapon you are not certified on using. This eliminates those people who want to powerbomb with greatswords all day with no skill or safety considerations. After an incident over at a friend's birthday party the polarms will not be allowed to used unless specifically certified to do so. No exceptions-the power generated from the naginata is astounding and someone's hand got injured.

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  1. Every injury we've had seems to be related to the Naginata. Folks won't be using that bad boy any more unless they have a long-weapons related badge or are working on getting one. Also basic sparring in general may be limited to only those who already have the knife badge, or guests with significant full contact martial arts experience.


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