Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keeping Score

For those concerned about who got the first good kill shot (which is indeed an important self-defense question, just not worth sacrificing good sparring over,) or who did better in a match, here is the scoring system we recommend:
  • 5 points for the first solid kill shot of the match.  (Kill-shot is a blow landed to the head, or a vital organ area on the body, and it must impact with significant force.)
  • 1 point per successful parry.
  • 1 point per successful strike to the arm or hand.
  • 2 points per successful strike to anywhere else besides the groin.
Bonus points may be awarded also for innovation.  Spinning around in circles would not count, but landing a spinning technique might be worth an extra point.

Tres Espadas will not keep an official score for any of the matches.  However, we are very interested in how YOU would score each match, so feel free to post how you would score matches in the comment sections on this blog.

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