Saturday, July 17, 2010

Knife vs. Knife (+ Liver Kick)

This is full contact knife vs. knife sparring, from the 2010.07.17 Tres Espadas meeting in Kitsap / Bremerton. Both knives are rubber, from Cold Steel. One fighter is intentionally trying to use an orthodox boxing stance instead of leading with his knife. There is a tai chi "ward off" trip at the end.

However our luck runs out with all those kicks to the body. The next round is ended about 30 seconds into the 2 minutes, due to a kick to one fighter's liver. (This is the first KO in the history of the club, which is focused on weapon kill-shots more than KO's.) The kick was delivered by someone who recently learned how to round kick at Tres Espadas, and is considered to be a lucky shot, though we are proud that he can kick well enough to land a shot like this:

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